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Tips on how to attend the interview
Top 7 Tips to Dress for an Interview
Appropriate dressing is an important part that you have to take care of in order to succeed in an interview. Apart from your professional and educational qualifications your dressing sense too will help you score good marks from your recruiters. Your dress shows your sense of occasion, propriety, and soberness. Here are some effective tips that will guide you while dressing up for an interview.

Clean and Ironed Clothes
Rather than expensive clothing it is important that you stress more on clean clothing. Nicely dry cleaned and well-ironed shirts and trousers are enough. Make sure that your attire is not torn or grimy. It should also fit you properly. Oversized clothes will definitely not help your cause. Suit can complement both the sexes. Maintain the combination while choosing your belt and tie.

Hide Tattoos
There are people among us who are fond of body piercing or tattoos. In case you are one of them make sure that you hide them well before appearing in front of the interview panelists. It is better not to showcase your tattoo inside the interview chamber. Make sure you hide them well before appearing in front of the recruiter.

No Flashy Jewelry
In case you wear jewelry make sure that they are not too expensive or flashy. It is also suggested that you try to avoid dangling earrings. It is also a good idea not to wear too many rings.

Formal Shoes
In case of shoes make sure they are well polished and black shoes are the ideal choice for this occasion. In case you don’t have a black shoe then you can definitely try some other shoes provided they go with your whole attire and are in tune with the business you are going to attend to. We would suggest you to invest in some good black formal shoes. Ladies will do better if they stick to something conservative.

Trimmed Nails
You should not neglect your fingernails. Keep them trimmed and ladies can spend some time to get them manicured. In case you are a guy just do not forget to shave. You can, however, control the use of the aftershave lotion. Ladies should avoid any strong perfumes.

Briefcase or Portfolio
You can either use a portfolio or a briefcase to carry your necessary documents. This accessory too can emphasize your professional appearance.

Professional Hairstyle
Avoid hair gels. Comb your hair well to keep the look professional. Remember, your employer should take you as a serious candidate aware of the purpose of this interview.

Follow these tips and you will have no problem in securing that high paying job. Like many others the interviewer too is partial to basic hygiene and fine grooming.

Top 10 Tips to Face Interviews More Confidently
Getting an interview offer is a big achievement in itself. Now succeeding in the interview and impressing your employer would be the icing on the cake. There are a few strategies to do that and once you are aware of these strategies you will feel less inhibited and more confident.

Preparation is very important. This will establish you as a serious candidate. Do some background research about the company where you are going for an interview. Visit the company website and get as much relevant information as you can. Once you know the company and its business you are ready to face the interviewers.

Know About our Duties
Try to have some basic idea about the position you are offered. Know what you are expected to do on a daily basis. Make a good analysis whether you have the required skill sets for the job. This will help you answer the interviewer more clearly and more convincingly.

Strengths and Weaknesses
It is also very important that you have a good idea about your strong and weak points and your likes and dislikes. Every employer would like an employee who has a fairly good idea about himself and can perform a job within his or her limitations. Your employer may also ask your stress handling capabilities.

Eye Contact
Make eye contact with the interviewer but do not stare. Look up at him and blink after every few minutes. A reasonable level of eye contact will mean that you are honest, confident, and an approachable person. Remember it is the potential shown in your resume that has earned you the interview now all you need to do is to show that potential with your words and gestures.

Other Gestures
Talking about gestures keep your hand either on your lap or on the table within the full view of the employer. This also highlights your pleasant and honest personality. Do not sit cross-legged and do not play with your fingers. Scowling too is a big no no. Keep a smiling face to underline your pleasant and friendly nature. Stay calm and relaxed.

As far as your attire is concerned clean and well-ironed clothes will do. Suits and ties can definitely be an option for guys and women can try skirts. It is better not to use perfumes and make sure your shoes are polished. Your dress should be a reflection of your professional personality. Don’t display tattoos.

Be punctual in reaching the interview venue. It is better to reach the place before the scheduled time rather than arriving after it. In case you think you cannot make it in time then call up the contact person and apologize for the delay and let him or her know by what time they can expect you. Though it is better to avoid such situations but sometimes there are unavoidable circumstances that may compel you in doing these things.

Be Honest
Do not lie about any information, personal or professional. Make no mistake the employer will run a background check of the information you provide. Be honest and save yourself from any future embarrassments.
Ask Questions
Generally every interviewer would enquire if you have some questions of your own. Ask some intelligent and relevant questions. The questions can include your queries about the work environment and the work ethics of the company. Before you leave the chamber make sure that you have a good idea about your job profile, and the name of your reporting head.

Try Out Mock Interviews
If you want you can appear for mock interview tests taken by various career consultancy firms. You can also ask your relatives and friends to take the role of your employer and help you rehearse.

Hope these suggestions will help you in your interview and help you gets a good position.

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