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Tips to find job in recession
A Few Tips to Start on Career Path
No matter what career you are going to choose it is always better to have a plan and make some prior preparations before starting on it. In this era of globalization there are plenty of options available to the interested candidates. Keeping a few things in mind will help you find a good job and build a successful career.

Start by making a note of your strong points. The fact is most of us could not fathom our own potentials or likes and dislikes and this later creates various complications in the professional field. Make sure that you are aware of your weaknesses as well. You can also take the assistance of a friend or a relative who will help you in this regard. This assessment will help you pursue the career of your liking.

Stay Up to Date
It is vital that you remain up to date about the skills that are needed to succeed in the job market. Once you know what you will need to shine in your profession make sure that you work hard enough to achieve those skills. This will help you in your professional growth. Summer jobs, and internships can help you a lot staying up to date and learning new and relevant skills.

Connect with People
If you have already decided your career roadmap then try to establish contacts with some of the senior and well-established persons in the field. They will give you insider’s view and help you understand the different dimensions of your job. Who knows you may also find your mentor in some of them and learn the nitty-gritty of the profession. This whole process of networking will also let you know how much prospect your job has.

Long Term Career Plan
It always helps to have a long-term career plan. There are many companies that would ask you what you would intend to do five years down the line. You will be able to answer this question more easily if you have a detailed career plan in front of you.

Be flexible. The job market is changing all the time and tomorrow you may have to handle something different than your current interest. Always have a learning streak in you so you can pick up new skills as well as responsibilities. If the need arises don’t hesitate to join a course to learn something new that would help you excel in your professional sector.

Options Galore
Remember nowadays there are more options available to a graduate than there was 50 years ago. For an example a person who has done his major in English can pursue a career in law, administration, advertising, copy writing, and editing rather than sticking to teaching or research.

Career Counseling
These days there are many career counseling centers that will pride you with some more inputs. You can contact any reputed career-counseling firms to get some valuable inputs in this regard. They would also help you to develop your skills.

The bottom line is stay focused, know your potential, and keep your options open and you will see that success and job satisfaction would be yours.

Ten Tips to Help You Find a Job in Recession
Recession continues and you would need a steady and decent paying job more desperately now. But is it easy to find a good job in this economic condition? The answer is yes but only if you follow a few simple steps. These steps will help you make your search for jobs more compact and result oriented.
  • The first thing about making a good job search is to know your goals and desires. Once you know the kind of industry that you would like to join you will be able to look for jobs more easily. The bottom line is to make your job search more focused stressing more on the fields where you will be able to show the maximum level of your skill and knowledge. Stay positive during every step of the search
  • Do consider the small companies. It is true that bigger companies provide better opportunities, more exposure, and more growth prospects but right now you cannot ignore the small ones. This will make your chances of getting recruited even better. If necessary you have to curtail your expectation to some extent
  • Looking for a job during recession will mean that you will have to have a fool proof and well thought out plan. You have to keep an updated resume handy and make sure that it highlights all your accomplishments, abilities, and skills. Remember, right now your purpose is to utilize the very first opportunity you get
  • Start doing some networking. Keep your profiles updated in various jobsites and as well as in social sites. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and sometimes orkut can be of great help. These social media sites will help you get acquainted with various people who might refer you to an employer
  • It is also a good idea to either work as a freelancer or as a part-timer. This will help you to gain some experience, use your time in a constructive manner, and learn new things. All these will ultimately help you to perform better when you find a permanent situation
  • In case your search is not working then think again. You may need to change your search procedure. So, be very flexible while searching for jobs. Right now companies would love someone who would help them in making as well as saving money. You can highlight these two points while talking about your past jobs in your resume
  • Stress more on how you can deliver better result to the company you are going to apply to. In case you are result oriented you will have more chances to getting a job. You should also try to make your resume more attractive by including all your past achievements
  • Till the time you get a job do not sit idle rather learn a new skill. Know what are the skills then industry is looking for right now and try to acquire those. It is also better to say up to date regarding the various new developments happening in the field of technology
  • Please try to know as much as possible about the companies you are sending your resumes to. Recruiters will like people who know about the business of the company they want to join and can share some inputs on how to develop the company’s business further
  • If you are a fresher regularly visit the career service centers and participate in any activities they suggest. Often these career centers provide interview rehearsals, mock tests, counseling, resume writing tips, and workshops. Try to be present in all the sessions

Follow these ten tips and you will soon land a job and beat the recession.

Top 8 Tips for Looking for Jobs After Downsizing
These days many companies are downsizing workers and considering the current economical condition it can be said that this is more like a trend. Now you can either feel frustrated or try to get back on your feet and get a new job. Though it is not easy to find a new job but with our tips you will be able to find a new placement.
  • Don’t lose your morale even if you have lost a job. Make sure that you keep your CV updated for the next opportunity that comes your way. It always helps to have a positive mind and staying prepared
  • Do not stop networking. Now is the time when you will need all your networking skills. Now when the market is down only your networking can help you know about the jobs that are currently available. In case you have profiles in any of the social networking sites then update it with all your current details
  • Keep yourself well prepared by reading about current trends, and developments. Your updated ideas will definitely impress your recruiter. In case you think that there is a new skill that would help you in your career then you should go ahead and learn it. Moreover, they will help you get a better salary package
  • You should also be flexible regarding your expectations. Remember, these are tough times so you will have to set your strategies accordingly. Do not reject any offer just because you are not going to get your expected salary. Try to consider some other factors like personal and professional growth opportunities
  • Ask for the help of your relatives and friends. Once they know that you are searching for new jobs they may provide you with related information
  • It is always good to post your CV in various sites. There are many job portals in the Internet and you can use all of them. You can also ask your friends to mention your name for internal hiring
  • Forced application can also help you to get an interview call. Companies that are cutting the costs may not interview people everyday but in case you present an attractive, and promising resume to them they would definitely like to spend some time on you
  • You may need to travel to another place for an interview or for a job search so it is better to save some of your hard earned money. That is why the first thing that you should do after being laid off is to make a calculation of your present finances

Adhere to these tips and you will get a new job soon.

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