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Resume writing tips
Top 7 Tips to Write a Cover Letter
Cover letter is another integral part of your job application. A well-written cover letter will push forward your resume and make it more emphatic. In short, a cover letter works as a foil to your resume. It is better to back your resume up with a cover letter. Let us discuss some methods that will help you make your cover letters more effective.

Keep it Brief
Do not make your cover letters too long. Your future employer will get all the necessary details from the resume itself. This cover letter is only meant to lead the employer towards the resume. That is why it will suit your purpose better if you can make it short. It is ideal to keep it within three or four paragraphs.

Thank You Note and Purpose
In the write up you should thank the employer for providing you the opportunity to apply and also mention the post you are applying for. Do not forget to mention that your resume is also enclosed with the letter.

Brief Mentioning of Strong Points
You can mention some of your strengths in the letter but don’t start explaining them in detail. The details should be mentioned in the resume. You can also mention how you think you can assist the company gain profit.

Make sure that you proofread your resume well enough. Make it free of any silly mistakes and grammatical errors. Watch out for typing mistakes. You can make several drafts before creating the final copy of the letter. This will help you tackle all the mistakes you could have made.

Don’t Staple
Generally people tend to staple their cover letter with the resume. Avoid doing this. You can rather use clips to attach those two items together.

Good to Read
Your cover letter should be good to read. It should also reflect your personality. This is important because it is through your resume and your cover letter that the employer will try to understand you. He will not bother to read a letter that is mundane and boring.

Different Companies, Different Letters
In case you are applying to two different companies then make sure you create two separate cover letters. Do not try to send the same copy everywhere. It will not be read by the same person and they will definitely have different expectations.

In short your cover letter should have brevity, reflect your enthusiasm, should sound interesting, and should be error free. Keep all these in mind and you will soon get the long awaited call from your employer.

Top 8 Tips for an Impressive Resume
Your resume is your first step towards earning that all-important interview with your employer. Therefore, you have to make all kinds of efforts to make your resume as prefect and impressive as possible. Here are some tips that we believe will help you improve your resume standard.

your resume according to the job profile you are looking for. Remember the requirements will change from industry to industry. In case you want to join the media then don’t send a resume that is purely meant for a marketing company. It should clearly reflect your career goals and ambitions.

Give the resume a personal touch
It is through your resume that your employer meets you for the first time. Make sure that this first meeting is so impressive that he takes the pain to give you a call for a person-to-person interview. Let the resume show your strong points and how you have benefited your previous organizations. Do not hesitate to mention your skills and how they have helped your earlier or present organization earn good revenue.

Make sure that your resume is error free
The last thing you want to hand over to your prospective employer is a resume full of grammatical errors and typos. Check, recheck and re-recheck your resume. It also helps if you can make some of your friends or relatives read the same. They may notice the mistakes that you have overlooked.
It is better not to write the resume in first person. It would be better if you can write it in third person. This is also the general norm. Moreover, a resume is in itself very personal; so it anyway represents you thus the word “I” would be redundant here. Keep the language simple. The employer has no time to check every word in a dictionary. You can also use bullets while formatting the resume.
Rather than counting your job responsibilities it would be better if you can describe how you have handled

critical situations, saved money for the company, and solved problems. Focusing on these factors will definitely help you get noticed.
Let your resume reflect a positive mindset and the capability to handle an emergency situation. Employers love those people who can handle different situations without getting tensed. Also inform the employer what you have learnt from your past experiences or mistakes. A person who is continuously improving is an asset for any company. Your resume needs to reflect your passion and enthusiasm towards your job.

Format your resume in a way that the most important achievements and the strongest skills can get the attention of the employer instantaneously. You can use coloring or bold fonts to do this. You will have less than a second to grab the attention of your employer.

You can use the chronological or the combination style while writing the resume. This will again depend on the kind of job you are applying for and the kind of details you want to include in your resume.

Go ahead and prepare the resume. Our best wishes are with you.

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